This is who Taissa Farmiga might be playing on “American Horror Story: Roanoke” and we are READY

About a month ago, we poked around IMDB long enough to discover that long-time American Horror Story favorite, Taissa Farmiga, was set to come back to the show. That’s all we knew at the time, because technically, IMDB didn’t really even list her as being in this season; but they sure did list a stunt double for her! And why hire a stunt double for an actor if the actor isn’t going to show up in Roanoke?

Then earlier this week, prior to the ~big twist~ on American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy started teasing that yes, Taissa would be coming back, and we were like YAS. He didn’t elaborate as to how she’d be coming back, let alone who she’d be playing. Now knowing the big twist — everyone is back in Roanoke for “Three Days In Hell,” and what it means for the show let’s go ahead and take a wild guess as to who she’ll be playing:

The OG Supreme herself, Scáthach.

Crazy, but it just might happen (and lol, that still wouldn’t even be the craziest thing that’s happened this season).

Since Lady Gaga appeared as Scáthach in the “Roanoke Nightmare” reenactments, she kinda can’t come back for “Return to Roanoke” in the same role, because she’s an actress. That means, if and when our MurdeR House group meets up with Scáthach, she’s got to be played by someone else — and someone else who’s fabulous and awesome, and also maybe ready has a pre-established Coven connection.

Along with teasing Taissa’s return to the show, Murphy’s also teased that somehow, elements from Coven will come back, too. Wouldn’t it be cool of the OG Supreme just happens to be the spitting image of Zoe Benson? It be a cool callback to a prior season, and also possibly set up for future seasons. Right now, it’s just speculation, but it’s damn good speculation and cross your fingers that it actually happens.