Taco and unicorn emojis coming to an iPhone near you

It’s time to say *waving hello emoji* to some new emojis–and yes, they are the ones you’ve been waiting for. Apple iOS 9.1 is set to come out later this season, and with it comes a host of new emojis that we’ve be *prayer hands emoji* hoping for.

First and foremost, there’s the burrito emoji, which will make asking your friends if they want to get Chipotle a whole lot easier. They’re also bringing us a middle finger emoji, which will come in handy if your friends say no.

Then there’s a unicorn emoji, obvs important, as well as a popped bottle of champagne for when you’ve confirmed that yes, unicorns do exist.

When will we get to play with this new update? That’s where it gets a little complicated. While the iOS 9 update hits our phones September 16th, the new emojis will only be available in the beta version of iOS 9.1, which was just released. We won’t get the whole shebang until the full update arrives later in the year.

It’s unclear when this update will be available on other devices, such as Android, but if you’ve been patient for this long re: waiting for burrito and champagne bottle emojis, we imagine you can probably wait a LITTLE bit longer for these ab-fab emojis to be yours, all yours.

This update to emojis comes after the super important change in skin color–AKA, you used to only have the option of sending white characters back and forth. Now, you have a few options, which allows for more diversity. Though this new round of emojis skews more frivolous, we think it’s fair to say that a little frivolity is allowed when it comes to emojis *clapping hands emoji*.

(Image via Twin Design / Shutterstock.com)