Let’s all welcome the Taco emoji!

Forget Taco Tuesday. We can now have our tacos any day of the week. Anywhere. Anytime. Whenever. Wherever.

Yes, you heard right. Hard-shell and soft-shell fans alike can now rejoice and join in on what should be regarded as a major milestone in communicative progress. Say Hola to the Taco emoji!

The world as we know it has already been graced with a boatload of food-related emoji icons. Chestnuts. Corn. Avocados. Yet taco lovers everywhere haven’t been so blessed. There have been petitions and Facebook groups, as well as angry blogs posts and understandable pleas from Taco Bell demanding one. More than 25.000 signatures were raised back in January in an effort to bring the taco emoji to life. There’s even an online store selling t-shirts supporting the cause. From the petitions:

Great questions indeed. Well the almighty taco is finally getting its due. As of Wednesday morning, the Unicode Consortium—the organization responsible for creating the emojis on your precious smartphones—announced that 37 new emoji characters would be added to Unicode 8.0. The updated set will also include a unicorn, a bottle with popping cork, a cheese wedge, popcorn, a hot dog, and… drumroll please… taco’s BFF—the burrito. Chipotle should be ecstatic!

It’s important to note however that this update doesn’t guarantee the new emojis will be adopted across mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. But it’s a good sign and a huge victory for foodies everywhere.

Now there’s only one question left to ask. Will the human race begin to eat even more tacos now that it will inevitably become a part of our regular text messaging and Instagram posts—now that we don’t have to be forced to use pesky words to convey are constant ache for little tortillas with mouth-watering fillings?

Who knows? All we know is that food symbology is finally complete… And that, we’d really like some guacamole and a margarita right about now. Yes, please.