Taco Bell’s latest menu item will redefine chicken as we know it

Do you remember the Naked Chicken Chalupa? We definitely do. And while this Taco Bell menu item was delicious, it didn’t last for very long. But that doesn’t mean that Taco Bell is against adding chicken to their menu — in fact, it’s possible that the limited edition item inspired their latest menu selection. Behold! It’s the Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chips — otherwise known as the food item that’ll make you rethink everything you know about both chicken and chips.

The appetizer (or main course, depending on how you order from Taco Bell) is exactly what it sounds like — bite-sized pieces of chicken with a dippable sauce. But chicken nuggets they are not.

In fact, Taco Bell is pretty adamant about advertising these morsels as chips.

Hey, regardless of what you call them, they look pretty darn good.

It’s possible that they got a little bit of inspiration from a specific chip that helped rejuvinate their entire menu — the Dorito. Each chicken chip is shaped like a triangle, which makes us want to order a few Locos Tacos on the side.

(If you haven’t had one of these yet, you’re missing out. Especially if you identify as a hardcore Doritos fan.)

According to Mashable, the new item will include chicken (of course) that’s cooked with “bold Mexican spices and seasoning.” As a dipper, you’ll get a cup of their world famous nacho cheese. Okay, so maybe it’s not world famous — but in our eyes, it definitely can’t be beat.

They’ll be available as a 6-piece or a 12-piece, or you can pair them up with a burrito and a taco as an official meal deal. Since Taco Bell does weddings now, they’re almost like the perfect cocktail hour appetizer.

Surely, the question on your mind is simple: When can I get my taco-loving paws on these?

Naked Chicken Chips will be available at Taco Bell on May 11th. And since Taco Bell is fond of changing up their menu pretty often, you’ll definitely want to get them sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed that they last for some time, since despite what you might think, fried chicken from Taco Bell is shockingly delicious.