Taco Bell’s new Triple Double Crunchwrap is a delicious challenge that we choose to accept

It’s no secret that we love tacos, because, who doesn’t? They’re literally the perfect snack for any occasion. Before a workout? Taco. After a nap? Tacos all the way.

We love Taco Bell for always delivering the goods right when we’re craving them, and lo and behold, they’re launching a new menu item just in time for the weekend. But a word of warning: it has the words “Triple” and “Double” in it. Yeah, this thing is a all kinds of intense.

The Triple Double Crunchwrap has all the regular delicious ingredients like beef with their signature seasoning, nacho sauce, and tostada shell, except in double layers. It’s literally so big that you have to hold it with two hands.

To add icing on the cake (or, extra queso to the taco?), the TDC comes in a spicy version with fresh jalapeños. So if you’re the sort of person who needs a kick, the bases are covered.

Move over, Crunchwrap Supreme! There’s a new bad boy in town.

The great news is that these beasts are already available, and they only cost $3.49. Meaning that you can hop in your car and go get one right NOW! Word on the street (i.e. from taco enthusiasts on social media) about these crunchwraps is overwhelmingly positive. Actually, they seem to be losing their minds. In a good way. false false

Taco Bell, you never fail to disappoint! We’re going to pay you a quickie visit, because our mouths are watering and clearly it’s crunchwrap time.


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