OMG there’s a frozen pink Starburst drink and we need it now

No one saw this collaboration coming…again. Starburst and Taco Bell are joining forces to create a brand new frozen summer drink — Starburst Strawberry Freeze — and it’s only $1.99. We can all officially die happy now.

Brain freeze for dayssss.

Everyone loves the pink Starburst flavor because it’s seriously the best. Thanks to Taco Bell, you can now drink them. While this is an interesting mash up — and one we never expected to happen again — the two brands are giving us one last taste of summer.

“We joined forces with Taco Bell to bring you the wondrous Starburst Freeze. Talk about a team made in juicy heaven,” the delicious candy brand tweeted.

While the frozen beverage is probably what dreams are made of, it’s hard not to associate the brightly colored pink drink with Pepto-Bismol. We’ll just try to “Fruit punch the heat in the face,” like Taco Bell’s website puts it.

However, if this Starburst beverage is anything like the cherry flavored one at Taco Bell, then everyone needs to hop on board.


The brand’s website is a bit reassuring though, claiming the Starburst Strawberry Freeze is a “pink, cute, and generally adorable drink on the outside.”

However, the description of the drink is kinda aggressive.

“Once you drink it though, you’ll quickly find that the pink is just a facade and somewhere in its core, this innocent-looking delicacy has a villainous tendency.”

We’re not sure what that means exactly, but we hope it’s another way of saying this new drink kicks butt.


And while people don’t want summer to come to an end at least there’s a frozen, fruity beverage guaranteed to cool us off. Taco Bell explains:

“It’s just waiting for the chance to flip that cute veneer and give you the worst brain freeze you can possibly imagine. Before you’ve even had the chance to say “this is delicious,” your head will be as ice cold as this Strawberry Freeze’s little pink heart.”

This isn’t the first time the fast food restaurant has created interesting menu items. Remember the Beefy Crunch Burrito with Flamin’ Hot Fritos? Those definitely had a “villainous tendency” if you couldn’t handle your spices.

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