Apparently teens doing senior portraits at Taco Bell is a *thing*

Senior photo sessions can be stressful. How to wear your hair, what outfit(s) to choose. Which style trends will be safe to look back on in 20 years and not cry over. But one thing that never goes out of style is great fast food. That’s why we’re shedding joyful tears over Taco Bell senior photos, which are now a full-fledged phenomenon.

Before we get into more recent, fancy AF examples, let’s travel back in time to two years ago. In 2015, then-high-school senior Brittany Nicole Creech took senior pictures at Taco Bell, thus starting an unforgettable domino effect.

Creech became the Taco Bell Senior Photos Original to whom all others who came after have been compared.

Though there’s no way we could we forget Brittany’s amazing shoot, we could never have predicted those she’d inspire. That includes the newest addition to the Taco Bell senior photos hall of fame, Andrew McBurnie.

And while this Illinois-based teen may not have been the first, we think he may be the most dapper.

Taken by Chicago-based photographer Wes Taylor, these snaps have obviously gone viral. We mean…how could they not? It’s like if bb Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds morphed into one person and took senior photos.

We are 100 percent not kidding. In fact, we’re cheering Andrew on for putting his own spin on this trend, and we know it will stand the test of time. And we equally heart the other teens who have taken their own angle on the shoot.

Like this kid, who could be finishing high school OR starring in a remake of Risky Business.

How about this girl, who may or may not have forgone her graduation ceremony in favor of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch (we aren’t judging)?

Or this dude, who has us reconsidering whether we need human companions at all.

Bell on, teens. Maybe we’ll start seeing some Taco Bell wedding and/or maternity photos floating around this year? The sky’s the limit, guys!