Get ready for Taco Bell restaurants (and yep, there are cocktails)

Taco Bell is taking their fast food chains to a whole new level. Next week, for the first time ever, the home of the Doritos Gordita and Taco Supreme is opening a new restaurant that will serve new things (like cocktails), and be known as the Taco Bell Cantina.

Dranks won’t be the only addition to the menu — the new Taco Bell restaurant will also serve tapas-style appetizers including nachos, quesadillas, chicken tenders, and rolled tacos. So, it’ll still be fast food, but now you’ll have enough to share.

Aside from the alcohol and shared appetizers, Taco Bell says the rest of the menu and the food preparation will stay the same. The kitchen, however, will now be an open kitchen. “You will literally be able to see the food,” said Meredith Sandland, Taco Bell’s chief development officer. “[Customers will be] able to see all the beautiful ingredients.” We’ve never thought of Taco Bell as having beautiful ingredients, but we’re open to it.

As for the booze — Taco Bell will serve beer for $4, sangria for $4.50 and they’ll also offer “Twisted Freezes,” which are frozen drinks with rum, tequila or vodka mixed in. The freezes will come in Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Cantina Punch and Cantina Margarita varieties, and cost between $6.19 and $7.19. So it’ll kinda be like spring break, but all the time. 

Taco Bell says the changes are in response to the trends they’re seeing among millennials, and if millennials are anything like all other adult humans (21 and over, of course), they’ll probably enjoy drinking and sharing some delicious nachos.

The first Taco Bell restaurant will open in Chicago on September 22, and will be followed by a similar location in San Francisco later this month. Taco Bell plans on adding hundreds of them throughout the United States within the next 10 years.

We’re definitely interested to see if people jump on board, though we’re pretty ready to say that we see big things in Taco Bell’s future.

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