Taco Bell nacho fries are here, and they look absolutely delicious

In the latest strange food news, Taco Bell’s nacho fries have finally made their way stateside. If the existence of Taco Bell’s new menu item (in the US, that is) comes as a surprise to you, let us brief you on this history of the restaurant chain’s hybrid fast food offering.

So, as Uproxx reports, the loaded nacho fries have been available elsewhere in the world such as Canada, Japan, Latin America and the UK, but over here in the good ol’ US of A, we haven’t been able to order them by the boatload because they didn’t test well here.

Honestly, that’s a bit hard to believe, but whatevs. Besides, it’s not like we’re mad about it.

Well, maybe a little. But there’s nothing like drowning your bitterness in a large plate of nacho fries, which we fully plan to do because they sound friggin’ delicious. The fries are on another test run (*groans*) in Irvine, California at the moment and if it goes well, we could soon be celebrating the addition of yet another food to our lists of satisfactory late-night snacks because, holy shit, look at these Loaded Seasoned Fries Bellgrande, y’all:

C’mon. Look at these fries (again) and tell us they aren’t worth celebrating:


According to Brand Eating, the fries can be ordered alone or loaded with the same toppings as the Nacho Supreme, minus the beans.

So, who’s down for a road trip to Taco Bell? We’re so desperate for a taste of these fries, the thought of relying on a single state to determine whether we get to buy all the fries is absolutely terrifying our taste buds.