People are spending actual money on Taco Bell jewelry — and it’s surprisingly really chic

At a Taco Bell drive-thru, $25 could get you a serious haul. A nacho cheese Doritos Locos Supreme, a Steakhouse nachos, a “Doubledilla” chicken with chips and salsa, a Gordita supreme, an XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito combo, plus a side of chips and queso could all be yours, with a couple of bucks left to spare for drinks.

But if you want to take your Taco Bell love a giant step further, $25 won’t get you very much at all: just these tiny, adorable little rings. They’re available in Taco Bell’s surprisingly robust Taco Shop — seriously, it sells beach towels, phone cases, and flash tattoos — and poised to be all the rage in the “think outside the bun” community.

Now that’s dedication. (And a delicious looking burrito.)

The rings, which say “Taco” and “Bell” and come in pairs, are available in gold, silver, and copper. There’s an additional set of “Live” and “Mas” rings that only comes in black, to match our cold, dead, Taco Bell-loving souls.

Now, these rings have been around for a while, but given that Cheetos just made some serious cheddar selling 18 karat gold earrings and a matching ring for $20,000, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was the surprise stocking stuffer of the season. Etsy stores are selling everything from Cheetos earrings to McDonalds necklaces, and Pizza Hut is selling “Pizza is Bae” sweatshirts, so it’s officially time to embrace your inner Lorelai (and Rory!) Gilmore if you want to get ahead of the weirdo trends in time for the holidays.