Here’s how you can get free Taco Bell on November 1st, thanks to baseball

Two of America’s favorite pastimes are merging to deliver some of the best news ever. Since Cameron Maybin, a baseball player with the Houston Astros, stole second base during the 11th inning of the World Series game last night, he was anointed Taco Bell’s Taco Hero.

This is a title that we can only hope to aspire to one day (and we can and will also hope it comes with a crown, and possibly a cape, because obviously). It’s part of Taco Bell’s steal a base, steal a taco deal…which is something we kinda forgot existed, but hey. We’re super game.

Maybin’s title comes with an additional prize — free Doritos Locos Tacos for all of America!

If you’re feeling especially patriotic, def head down to Taco Bell to celebrate Maybin and free tacos. Even if you’re not feeling patriotic, head down to Taco Bell to celebrate Maybin and free tacos. Even if you’re a Dodgers fan. Guys, it’s free tacos. Free tacos for EVERYBODY.

Free Doritos Locos Tacos will be available on November 1st from 2-6 PM local time at participating Taco Bell restaurants.

If you’re not sure whether your local Taco Bell is participating, check out the deets on their website. If your nearest Taco Bell isn’t participating, we recommend finding all of your free taco loving friends (read: everybody you know) and plan a road trip. Because, like. Don’t know if we’ve mentioned but — free tacos. Free. Tacos.

That’s right. We know. We’ll see you there.