This dress is made entirely of Taco Bell wrappers and it’s amazing

Usually, we get irrationally angry when a service (we’re looking at you, Hulu) won’t let us skip through advertising to watch a video, but the latest Taco Bell ad is so amazing, we don’t even want to skip it.

Taco Bell’s new Sriracha Quesarito ad features REAL super fans of Sriracha and their amazingly creative tributes to the spicy sauce.

Our favorite was a dress created by Olivia Mears, a recent graduate from Western Carolina University. She tailored this sassy get-up out of Taco Bell wrappers, trimmed with alternating packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. It’s elegant and almost-edible, which is a sentence I never expected to write.

Check it out:

This dress is definitely super clever, but I can’t decide if I’d actually wear it. It walks the thin line between completely awesome and kind of gross. Still, I’m totally in awe of Olivia’s skills. She makes and sells custom costumes and post-consumer dresses as Avant-Geek.

And, just in case you want your prom look to be paired like a combination Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/KFC restaurant, you spruce up your Taco Bell couture with a KFC corsage. I’m not making this up. All of your food and formalwear dreams (or at least all of mine) are coming true.

And this accessory is 100% KFC-sanctioned. In fact, the company teamed up with Kentucky-based florist Nanz and Kraft to offer this prom must-have. It costs $20 and basically covers you for the flower and the after-prom snack.

(Image via here and here.)