Taco Bell has an Airbnb and it sounds like an actual dream: here’s how you can go

Who needs to throw on a pair of sweats and a raggedy tee to order food in a drive-thru when you can just pack your bags and spend the night in Taco Bell? Hold off on harsh judgment because that’s not the sign of a person who’s greedy AF. Instead it’s the telltale sign of a concert winner because some lucky burrito lovin’ soul will get the chance to stay at this amazing Taco Bell restaurant turned Airbnb spot. Oh yes — this is real life and you should be gleefully salivating.

According to Uproxx, the fast food chain’s Chatham-Kent, Ontario location has been converted into a kick-ass suite to promote the new Steak Doubledilla. The contest winner and three close buds will have the chance to kick back and relax at the restaurant-turned-chill spot on Oct. 17. There’s a living room, a bunk bed, a big-screen TV, video games, movies and of course, the Steak Doubledillas will be present for face-stuffing purposes.


Not bad for a Taco Bell, right?


Who ever thought a fast food restaurant would be #travelgoals?

This one’s for the haters who will be sneering from the Taco Bell parking lot. Pshh, they wish they could come in and chill on this cushy Doubledilla couch:


OK, so we’re totally into cheap staycations to take a load off, but this “Steakcation” is on an entirely different level. We think we know which one you prefer so head on over to Taco Bell’s Airbnb site to enter the contest.