The table read for “Beauty and the Beast” was literally a full-fledged show-stopping musical

In the live action version of “go big or go home,” Beauty and the Beast decided to go big, pulling out all the stops — even for table reads. While most table reads for movies and films involve the cast and crew sitting around a massive table, munching on salads and drinking green juice while reading the script aloud, the Beauty and the Beast team pulled together an *entire* musical for their table reads.

In a new behind the scenes featurette for the DVD and Blu-Ray editions of the film, the cast and crew opened up about the incredible table reads. In one clip from the featurette, the Beauty and the Beast cast watch as dancers perform as fully choreographed rendition of “Be Our Guest.”

Our jaws are *literally* on the floor:

As if that isn’t the dictionary definition if *extra* (in the best way possible), a second clip from the read through features the radiant Emma bringing new meaning to the word performance. Instead of just reading through the “Beauty and the Beast” ballroom scene, Emma Watson got up and actually waltzed, while Emma Thompson SANG the iconic song.


According to director Bill Condon and Josh Gad, who plays LeFou, the Emmas surprised everyone with their performance of “Beauty and the Beast.”

"When it came time to do 'Beauty and the Beast', Emma Watson surprised us all. She got up there and did the waltz and it was so beautiful," Bill Condon said. Added Gad, "And then I remember Emma Thompson getting up, completely unprompted, and singing 'Beauty and the Beast. You could see the goosebumps."

We can only imagine the rush sitting at the table read for this incredible film. It seems that the over-the-top table read was worth it, as Beauty and the Beast is one of the biggest films to be released this year!

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