This tabby cat on a leopard sofa, in front of a heater, is our spirit animal

Tea Tiger, the tabby cat, has a favorite recreational activity: reclining on a leopard print sofa in front of a portable heater. He has zero interest in moving, except when he needs to lick himself and make sure no other cats interrupt his lounging time. We can’t decide if we want him to be our pet and roommate or if we want to BE him. Probably a little of both.

Tea Tiger, we love you and your antisocial laziness. You are the president of our spirit animal club.

Here’s Tea Tiger in all his chill glory:

“I have found my calling.”

“Woah, woah, woah — slow your roll, Other Cat. Don’t even think about stepping paw in front of my heater.”

“Yeah, good. Keep walking.”

“OK, where was I?”

“Please don’t make me turn my head at you, Other Cat.”

“You’re still here? Find your own amazingly comfortable spot to sit in.”

“OK, cool. As long as I can’t physically see you anymore.”

“Dude, I can still see you.”

“Finally. Alone time equals cleaning time.”

“Who’s there?”

“Whoever’s there, I don’t even mind facing this way. My butt was cold anyway.”

Check out the video version, sans our narration below and live the dream.

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