“T-Rex hands” is the latest, most glam selfie trend of 2016

We have a public service announcement, guys. There’s a new selfie trend on Instagram and it’s called “T-Rex hands.”

Fans of dinosaurs (so, all of you, hopefully) know exactly how this pose looks by the name alone. The T-Rex notably had tiny arms, and not-too-confident, limp-looking claws. It’s kind of like a hand that has lost all feeling, thus going its own way. Thanks to beauty blogger Huda Kattan, the T-Rex hands pose is now mega-trending.

Huda claims that she invented the name, and that it’s definitely an established pose that many celebrities and public figures use in the photos they share. Personally, we’ve seen quite a few T-Rex hands while binge-watching America’s Next Top Model, so Huda is definitely correct — it’s a pose that weirdly adds a hint of sensuality and allure to your pictures.

“The funny thing about T-Rex hands is, it looks amazing,” Huda says in her video that explains the trend. And, what do you know? She does look amazing.

Before you start snapping your own T-Rex hands selfies, here are a few inspirational pictures from people who have absolutely mastered the maneuver (even if they weren’t even intending to!).

Kendall nails the look on the right, adding a bit more pizzaz to the pose. Meanwhile, Demi’s T-Rex hand below is slightly more subdued.

This veiled-up trendsetter might think that tagging her photo with #trexhands was an act of self-deprecation, but little did she know that she was adorably pulling off a modelesque move. 

Meanwhile, the gorgeous gal above took her couples selfie to a completely new level with her use of T-Rex Hands. It kind of makes her photo look more like something you’d see in an ad.

Finally, there’s the super talented Zendaya, who takes Huda’s advice to use the T-Rex hands in a variety of different way.

So, the verdict is out: T-Rex hands can totally up your selfie game, and make you feel even more glam than you normally do.

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