Syrian teen refugee who wouldn’t leave his dog, receives outpouring of love

The stories coming out of the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe are by-in-large heartbreaking, but every so often there’s one that is uplifting. For example, there was the man who was caught on camera being tripped by a Hungarian journalist while running away from police. Heartbreaking. But that man has already found a new life in Spain, where he’s been offered a job as a coach at a soccer academy. Uplifting. 

Now, everyone’s attention has turned to a young man from Syria who left almost everything behind — except his dog. This week, UNHCR shared a video featuring 17-year-old Aslan, a Syrian refugee who walked 500 kilometers (or 310 miles) with his puppy, Rose, in tow.

“I love my dog,” Aslan told a reporter, flashing the passport he has for the dog. “I need him.”

The video has been viewed 4 million times and received more than 41,000 shares since it was posted on UNHCR’s website on Saturday. According to the Huffington Post, people from all over the world have offered to help out the teen, including one woman whose name is, get this, Rose Aslan.

“I find it serendipitous that the dog has my first name and the boy has my last name — is there any way I can get in touch with the boy?” Ms. Aslan wrote on Facebook. “I’d love to help him out!”

“Rose Aslan, we’ll be in touch,” UNHCR replied.

Here’s hoping the two parties find their way to each other.

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