One of These Hair Growth Serums Sells Every Minute—and Now the Entire Brand Is 20% Off

Shoppers call it “nothing short of a miracle.”
Rachel Nussbaum
Feb 12, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
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Two of the best things in life are sales and hair that grows so quickly, it absorbs bad haircuts and excess shedding as if nothing happened—like that Homer Simpson in the bushes meme, but for hair growth. With the coronavirus still in full force, the likelihood of a DIY haircut gone wrong has never been higher, and shedding is likewise peaking thanks to pandemic-induced stress. The saving grace: All of Vegamour's hair growth-specializing products are now 20 percent off

It's a rare sale for the brand, which is so popular that it once sold over 52,000 bottles of its GRO Hair Serum in a month alone, averaging more than one sale a minute. The serum has over 900 five-star reviews on the brand's website, where people roll up with before-and-after photos showcasing newly luscious hair like a badge of honor.     

The serum uses caffeine, red clover, mung bean, and turmeric-derived curcumin to speed up hair growth to such a degree that shoppers call it "nothing short of a miracle." People facing bald spots write that the vegan and cruelty-free formula fills them in so well, they'd buy a lifetime supply if they could. Others with typically slow-growing hair say their hair's grown a stunning five inches within two months, and now's the time to stock up with the code "BETTER." 

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Shop it! $42 (orig. $52),

For even more power, Vegamour added full-spectrum CBD to its Advanced Hair Serum, using nanosized molecules to help the above ingredients penetrate deeper. It pays off: Shoppers say their hair grows faster and stays stronger, so much so that they easily bypass previously set-in-stone hair growth plateaus. Dramatic postpartum hair loss eases off, and per one reviewer, their shedding has gone down by 95 percent. 

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Another writes that the enhanced serum surpassed even steroid shots and prescription creams for treating their alopecia areata. Within a month, their bald spots had completely filled in and they'd sworn allegiance for life. More write that it's the first hair growth line with which they've actually noticed a significant difference, and the serum is non-greasy and smells clean, not perfume-y. 

The same pros apply to the brand's growth-inducing hair foam, which adds body and texture as it inhibits the production of hormone DHT, which can cause hair loss. Along the same lines, the Gro Dry Shampoo transforms dull, greasy hair into clean and shiny locks like the best of dry shampoos, on top of boosting growth and notably decreasing hair loss.   

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Shop it! $42 (orig. $52),

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The same science that's so effective for causing hair growth transfers to the brand's lash and brow serums, the former so potent that shoppers say it's doubled their lashes' length. People write that they're "amazed" at how much thicker their eyelashes look within a few weeks, and the growth is so robust, one person says they didn't even feel the need for falsies in their wedding photos. 

"I don't think I've ever gotten better results faster than with Vegalash," another reviewer says. "My lashes grew long and dark in just one month. I had to get a lash lift to keep them out of my eyes!" Others notice increased length and volume within a week, without the irritation or skin darkening that other growth products risk. 

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Shoppers call the brow version a , sparse areas growing in and brow pencils unnecessary after a month of use. Within the first two weeks, shoppers diligently recording their progress saw photographic evidence that their brows became fuller and thicker. Even areas wrecked by the '90s and early aughts were rebooted, shoppers say, bald spots grown in and overplucked areas vastly fuller. 

"Nothing has helped the hair grow back but this," one person writes. "My eyebrow strands are fuller and have filled in dramatically. It's worth the money, seriously." Multiple shoppers add that after giving birth, they lost a substantial amount of brow hair. They'd given up hope until they tried the GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum, which made their brows grow in "overnight." 

It's a life-saver, they say—their hair thicker, arches full, and mood markedly happier without the stress of trying to fake full brows. All of Vegamour's offerings are 20 percent off with the code "BETTER," and since there's no telling how long this sale will last, we'd suggest filling your cart while the prices are hot. 

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