It’s the retail therapy we all need.
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nordstrom surprise sale
Credit: Nordstrom

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There’s no doubt about it, things are tense right now. But whenever the going gets tough in 2020, Nordstrom usually responds with a major surprise sale to help offset the bad vibes with some much needed retail therapy

I imagine it must be hard to keep track of all the sales Nordstrom has these days, which is exactly why I’m here. This is my job! And that is exactly why I know Nordstrom added over 16,000 new items to its surprise sale section overnight. It happened so fast you could blink and miss it. Thankfully I stumbled across it while obsessively checking the news last night and let me say, the offerings don’t disappoint. 

The best thing about these particular markdowns is that they have everything from Tory Burch to Sam Edelman. Like always, Nordstrom’s sale has range. It’s the perfect place to stock up on a Kate Spade bag that's 40% off or a Sam Edelman waterproof bootie for $38. Considering sweater weather is in full swing, the boots and outerwear section is of particularly interest, and it’s pretty impressive. Stuart Weitzman’s over-the-knee boots are now $318 and there’s even hooded Sam Edelman puffer coats for just $100.

With the holiday season somehow around the corner, there is no doubt Nordstrom will be having plenty of blowout sales in the coming weeks. But there is something about a surprise sale that’s special. Things aren’t selling out as quickly because not everyone even knows this is happening. Basically, it’s the perfect place to calmly browse while also worrying about everything else going on right now. The last thing anyone needs is some more stress, so I’ve gone ahead and found the best 20 Nordstrom surprise sale deals below. 

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