“Just the right amount of power that, well... hits the spot.”
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maude vibrator
Credit: Maude

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There's beauty in simplicity—and sometimes, a whole lot of satisfaction, too. That's the case for Maude's best-selling Vibe vibrator and its newer release, the handheld Drop massager. Both have earned high praise from shoppers, including Dakota Johnson, who recently became the brand's co-creative director. And now, you can get both devices for $10 off thanks to a special bundle deal.

The vibrators are similar in their sleek design and have the same three vibration speeds, but each one was engineered for a different kind of pleasure. The vibration of the Vibe is concentrated at its tip, which makes it easy to use during solo play. The Drop, on the other hand, is slightly smaller and vibrates all over, making it great for partnered use, either during sex or foreplay (many reviewers recommend using it for a targeted massage).

So why get both? "It's like when you have a favorite t-shirt that fits you perfectly and then you find out that the brand also makes a tank top," explained one reviewer on Maude's site. "Love both the original and the new style."

Madue vibe + drop
Credit: Maude

Shop it! Vibe + Drop, $80, getmaude.com

Both vibrators are made with soft, FDA-grade silicone (compatible with water-based lubricant) and have seamless, water-resistant surface areas, save for the discreet charging port. The Vibe can be used for up to two and a half hours per charge, while the Drop lasts for two hours—but when you have both, you can save yourself the trouble of realizing you forgot to charge your go-to massager right when you're in the mood: Just grab the other and go to town.

Shoppers are impressed by the quality of Maude's vibrators (which is likely part of the reason why the Vibe has sold out seven times). "Legitimately the best vibe ever. Simple, sleek, SOFT, and something I don't mind leaving on the bedside table because of its understated design," wrote a reviewer of the Vibe. "Just the right amount of power that, well… hits the spot. If I lost it, I would buy another without a second thought. Wherever you are on the gender spectrum, I would absolutely recommend!"

"Never realized that vibration patterns can make a difference, but once I tried this one, I'm not sure I can go back," wrote another. "Already buying a second for a friend."

Customers can mix and match the Vibe and the Drop in grey and green in Maude's bundle, and they'll also receive a discreet carrying case for each. For both solo and partnered use, this is a deal that promises good vibes all around.