Celebrities Are Obsessed with Dry Brushing, and You Can Get Your Own Tool for Under $20 on Amazon

Get glowing skin with this star-studded at-home treatment.
Melissa Epifano
Jul 15, 2021 @ 11:55 am
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There are some brave souls who—in the name of flawless skin—aren't afraid to try the most bizarre celebrity-backed treatments. But if you're not sold on the idea of a vampire facial or bee sting therapy, there's one star-approved technique that's easy to get behind: dry brushing. For the uninitiated, it consists of scrubbing the entirety of your body with an exfoliating brush to slough off dry skin and boost circulation. And if you want to try the practice that throngs of celebs won't go without, Amazon has a petite handheld version of the skincare tool to get you started.

Handcrafted in Texas out of wood and cactus plant bristles, the $18 dry brush from Live by Being will not only be a perfect addition to your body care routine, but it'll also allow you to support a small business through Amazon's Handmade storefront. "I [love] this exfoliating brush!" wrote one of many happy reviewers. "It's gentle but does the job!" Others noted that the bristles don't fall out easily, which can tend to happen with mass-made versions found in drugstores.

Live by Being Vegan Dry Skin Smoothing Body Brush

Supermodel and entrepreneur Miranda Kerr is just one of the A-listers who credits dry brushing for her glowing skin. She previously told PEOPLE that she adores doing this before her morning showers. According to Kerr, "It's a great way to get your circulation going, remove dead skin cells, and stimulate lymphatic drainage. I also find it really energizing!"

Real Housewives of New York reality star LuAnn de Lesseps also told PEOPLE last year that she loves using the bristled tool for soft skin, giving kudos to her co-star Dorinda Medley for bringing the technique to her attention. But unlike some of the high-end beauty treatments celebs love indulging in, this one is more affordable and doable from your own bathroom. 

But once you have your own body brush, how do you successfully follow a star-approved regimen? According to Live by Being, it's best to do this self-care ritual in your shower or bathroom. Begin with your feet and brush upwards, slowly working your way up your body. You can go over each section more than once, and the whole thing should only take about 10 minutes. 

To unlock the glowing skin of Hollywood's finest (without draining your savings), you'll want one of these $18 handheld dry brushes hanging up in your bathroom.