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This Butt-Softening Scrub Makes Skin "Age Backwards," According to Shoppers

And dispenses with razor bumps and KP while it’s at it.

This story originally appeared on InStyle.com.

There's an intense heatwave squatting over New York City right now, and the only cure is a cold shower and marathoning old seasons of Love Island ("bruv" is now installed in my vocabulary). While escaping to a remote villa with a pool and outdoor showers would be ideal, it's not entirely feasible. Getting contestants' perma-glow, though, is more doable—especially with a body scrub that shoppers say makes them age backward. 

Befitting for the island theme, Kopari's Coconut Crush Scrub delivers ultra-smooth, moisturized skin straight out of the shower. I can personally vouch for its greatness: My bathroom shelves are usually a revolving door of products, but the cocoa-scented tub of scrub is so effective that it's earned permanent residence—like a well-grafted partner, per se. 

A few teaspoons' worth of the gritty product is enough to cover everywhere I need it, and my skin afterwards is so soft that body lotion goes out the window (+1 for not having to wait around wet, hot, and sticky) (shoutout to Cardi and Megan). The incredible scent stems from its brown sugar base, which melds with coconut oil, castor oil, coconut shell powder, jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe, and Mimosa flower to cleanse and exfoliate. 

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Shop it! $39, koparibeauty.com

Shoppers are likewise impressed by the scrub's overachieving nature, with more than 700 of them awarding the Coconut Crush a five-star review on Kopari's website. Over a dozen people say they use it before shaving for fewer ingrown hairs and skin that stays smooth for days, and their enthusiasm is contagious. 

"The scrub makes my skin feel like it has a soft blanket over it," one shopper writes, and another adds, "I feel like a goddess when I get out of the shower." Some say the formula is so moisturizing that they don't need to use shaving cream, and it's even able to minimize keratosis pilaris and inner thigh bumps with ease. 

"The texture, the SMELL, the RESULTS! My butt has never been softer," writes a reviewer. "Just smelling this lifts my mood and makes me so happy. My whole family is hooked on Kopari now!" The family that exfoliates their butts together, stays together, I guess.  

And that softening brawn makes for anti-aging results: "I was told my skin looks richer and brighter, and then asked if I was aging backwards," a last shopper writes. 

Move over, Bum Bum cream—a new contestant has won over the villa (my shower). Try it for yourself.