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Anneke Knot
Updated Feb 10, 2021 @ 3:30 pm
Credit: Sephora, Dermstore

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Part of my job as a beauty editor means testing the latest and greatest beauty launches (tough life, I know). From obscure facials to at-home waxing kits (ouch!), you name it, I've tried it. Though these beauty experiments often end in a #fail, they also reveal the best of the best. Face masks are no exception, and during this chilly, dry weather, keeping my face hydrated is my number-one priority. 

With the skincare aisle shelves as crowded as Trader Joe's on a Sunday afternoon (creams, serums, lotions—oh my!), it helps to have someone who's been there for the good, the bad, and the blotchy. I tested over 50 (yes, you read that right) formulas to sort out the winners from the clunkers, and the soothers from the losers.

Credit: Courtesy of Sephora


Moisturizing electrolytes, plus yummy antioxidants, plus powerful humectants (hey, hyaluronic acid and coconut water) equals the most hydrating skin smoothie. Simply apply a pump or two after your nightly moisturizer and dream of juicy skin.

Credit: Courtesy of Dermstore


Next time skin is feeling chapped and irritated, coat it with this 10-minute skin-saver to help soothe and reduce redness. Arnica and beta-glucan restore skin’s natural barrier function.

Credit: Courtesy of Sephora

$22, sephora

Our favorite part about this sheet mask (other than the fact that it's reusable) is it is totally dry. After cleansing skin, loop the mask over your ears, and massage the mask into your skin. Wear for 15 minutes and reseal in the packaging to save for later.

Credit: Courtesy of Dermstore

$40; dermstore

A trip to the dermatologist in a jar, this potent mixture of agave yeast extract and hyaluronic acid quenches thirsty skin and visibly plumps, so you’ll have back-from-the-spa skin after just five minutes of use.

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A staple in my routine, this mask always finds its way into my shopping cart. This serum-soaked sheet mask is exactly what I need after a particularly chilly day. Push onto clean skin for 15 minutes for an extra shot of hydration.