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Gigi Hadid's $500 Beauty Routine Includes So Many Drugstore Favorites 

The new mom just unveiled all of her skincare tips and tricks. 
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Gigi Hadid is sharing more information about her life as a new mom. In her cover story with Vogue, the supermodel unveiled everything from her experience with home birth to her boyfriend Zayn Malik's constant support throughout her pregnancy and beyond. She also shared how her skincare and makeup routine has evolved since having her daughter, Khai.

Hadid said throughout her pregnancy, she relied on natural products like Oliveda's olive leaf cleansers and oils to keep her skin glowing. But now that winter's here, she's back to the products she's been using "since high school." And though her makeup and skincare routines combined for a price tag (according to our mediocre math skills) just above $500, it does include many drugstore staples, like Cetaphil

"I've always gone for drugstore skincare," she said. "I just always wanted good products and I don't think you have to pay a lot for that."

During the cold weather months, the Maybelline spokeswoman depends on thicker products for a deeper, more intense hydration. She combines a Ceramidin Cream from Dr. Jart+ with an Odacité concentrate to tend to her dry skin, noting that she goes through the latter super quickly thanks to its nourishing qualities. 

Lip moisturizer is another essential for the star. At the start of her makeup routine, Hadid layers Lanolips's $14 Strawberry 101 Ointment on her mouth and dryer patches throughout her face. This way, once other products are applied, they go on even and smoothly. 

"I think all-purpose ointments are great," she said. "I dab it on where my skin feels dry, sometimes on the tip of my nose. I find that right where my eyebrows start gets really dry. I think that eyebrow product and pencil goes on better."

To achieve her signature illuminating skin, Hadid applies thin products for coverage, mixing Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow Face Primer and Maybelline's Poreless Liquid Foundation together and applying the products with her hands. And, not super shockingly, she relies on Maybelline's best-selling concealer to cover up dark under-eye spots. 

Though she showed the magazine a fairly intricate routine, Hadid ended her tutorial with a relatable twist, telling the camera that she most certainly is not doing this step-by-step process every morning. 

"This is not how I look everyday," she said. "Sometimes I go a week without touching makeup. Just putting on deodorant is like, 'We're doing great.' If you brushed your hair this week, I'm really proud of you." 

And just like that, we're stanning even harder. Shop some of Gigi's beauty and skincare picks—starting at just $5—below. 

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