Celebrities are swapping designer bags for this one en masse.

Tara Gonzalez
Updated May 19, 2021 @ 2:17 pm
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emrata jw pei bag
Credit: @emrata, Instagram

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It takes a special kind of bag to look as delicious as a croissant but as expensive as a 10-course meal at Per Se, but the JW Pei Gabbi bag is up for the challenge. Unlike the tasting menu, the famous JW Pei bag is just $68 and available on Amazon. But that doesn't mean it isn't just as beloved by celebrities. 

JW PEI Crocodile Shoulder Bag Flap Vegan Leather
Credit: Amazon

Shop it! $68.99, amazon.com

If you use Instagram, you've likely already seen the Gabbi bag, which skyrocketed in popularity after the pillow bag boom ushered in by The Marc Jacobs Pillow bag and the quilted accessories by Bottega. When my sister initially texted me about the bag months ago, she not only asked me where it was from but also mentioned how it was probably too expensive for her. When I told her it was just $65 and came with Prime shipping, she actually thought I was joking. 

Typically, accessories like this are what us non-famous folks use to feel as fancy as the supermodels whose closets we envy. But the Gabbi bag has universal appeal, and even Emily Ratajkowski wore it twice just this past weekend. And while her beauty is blinding, I'd like to argue that the yellow Gabbi bag is the star of her latest Instagram photoshoot.

A day later, she wore the same bag in orange while taking a stroll with her newborn. Last month, Irina Shayk was also seen in New York with the bag in black. Clearly the bag isn’t much of a secret, and it even has 77 five-star reviews by obsessed Amazon shoppers. Naturally, the bag is on backorder but is available to buy now to ship out by the end of May. Considering Ratajkowski’s recent endorsement, it’s also probably a good idea to order now before it inevitably sells out and is absolutely everywhere. 

The Gabbi bag is also not the only bag JW Pei makes that's on-trend and looks designer. It has a popular $59 shoulder bag that looks just like the best-selling $500 By Far bag every celebrity owns. There's also a $65 crossbody saddle bag in the silhouette Jennifer Aniston recently wore on Instagram. And if you're looking for a bigger bag like Kelly Ripa, JW Pei makes a practical top handle bag for just $60.

Basically, this might be one of the only years in recent memory where the biggest bag trend is actually affordable and not by a luxury designer house. And if you have any hesitation, just remember that you can easily buy every single JW Pei bag on Amazon right now and it would still only likely amount to half of one designer bag. Plus, Ratajkowski already provided us with the Instagram #ootd inspiration we needed—now all we need is the bag.

Shop the affordable Emily Ratajkowski-approved bag on Amazon below. 

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JW PEI Crossbody Crocodile Bag
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