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The Only Thing Better Than a Mind-Blowing Sex Toy is Three, and This Exclusive Bundle Is 66% Off

A best-selling bullet vibrator, clit stimulator, and suction toy now come as a set for under $100.
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This article originally appeared on InStyle.com by Summer Cartwright.

It's no question that spring is the horniest season. Maybe it's because the first month is in Aries territory and our sexual cravings are more impulsive and heightened, or maybe it's the warm weather that has our spirits up and layers of clothing off. Regardless, there's a tingle of desire in the air that's going to be tough to fulfill given all the time we're spending indoors. That is, unless, you have a gadget (or three) that can get you off whenever and however you want.  

We can always count on Ella Paradis to give us deals that are literally worth screaming over, but right now the sex toy hub is reading the charged-up room and going above and beyond.

Right now, you can shop an editor-curated (you're welcome) bundle that features some of the brand's best-selling sex toys for under $100. The three gadgets included provide every type of stimulation you could possibly want. One toy feels like oral sex, one vibrates and penetrates, and one stimulates your clitoris with suction. Basically, it's the trifecta of pleasure that you and your bedroom deserve.

Combined, these goodies have 23 vibration and suction patterns and hours upon hours of runtime. That means that for nearly every day for a month you can explore new stimulations and pleasures. Now that'll make your time at home much more bearable. Usually these toys have a combined value of $294, but for you, dear readers, they'll cost you just $99.

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Credit: Courtesy of Ella Paradis

The first item in the bundle is the whisper-quiet and waterproof Big Bad Bullet that has 10 vibration modes and can be used on any body. The non-gendered toy can target your G-spot, clitoris, prostate, and other erogenous zones like your nipples or anus. The versatile, no-nonsense design makes it an accessory that you can find new applications for with each use. According to shoppers, the "very generous" toy "gives nothing but good sensation and pleasure." 

Better Love Tap Dancer
Credit: Courtesy of Ella Paradis

Next up is the Tap Dancer, a toy that functions exactly like it sounds. Tapping motions mimic the sensations you'd typically experience from getting fingered, but instead of losing rhythm, the toy and its 70-minute runtime won't falter in momentum. Six patterns diversify what you'll feel using this top-rated device that shoppers say will give you "the best orgasm ever. Alone, this device costs $176 whereas with this exclusive bundle you can score it—plus two other toys—for under $100.

Credit: Courtesy of Ella Paradis

Last, but certainly not least: the Blowfish, aka the closest thing you'll get to oral sex solo. The dual-sided toy has one end that feels and moves like a tongue and another that provides seven suction patterns that, thanks to the carefully crafted head, precisely hone in on your clitoris.  "This toy is unparalleled," wrote one five-star reviewer. "The tongue is so close to the real thing and the suction side has a lovely quality."

It's time to take fulfilling your desires into your own hands. Shop the mind-blowing deal below.

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