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Kaitlyn Yarborough
Jul 22, 2020 @ 4:17 pm
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electric eyebrow trimmer for women
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It was amusing at first, watching all of those previously waxed hairs start sprouting back up, slowly at first and then seemingly all at once, making themselves known under the arch and wonkily off to the side. My usual monthly brow tinting session at home using a $9 box of beard dye from Amazon had to be abandoned, unless brows that look like two unruly caterpillars have suddenly come into fashion. I was thinking about my family, really. They don’t need to see me like that. 

With constant plucking and trimming at home an unappealing option, I used my trusty box of beard dye as inspiration and researched a best-selling Amazon beauty tool that could help me rein in those rogue eyebrows from the comfort of my own home, which landed me on the Precision Eyebrow Hair Remover by Reazeal. At just around $20 and with over 3,400 Amazon reviews, it seemed worth a try, even if it just marginally helped the brow situation—which heavens to Betsy, it did.

Reazeal Precision Eyebrow Hair Remover

Eyebrow Removal Tool
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Shop it! $21.99,

So whilst Hallmark Channel movies played out in the background, I went to town. “I’ll love you forever.” Buzz. “Will you marry me?” Buzz-buzz. The handy little device had my brows back looking like sisters in literally two minutes and without giving me the anxiety of plucking, trimming, or waxing, as well as without having to go somewhere and pay for an appointment. No more lunches spent getting hair ripped from my brow bone? A girl can only be so lucky.

The rechargeable tool looks a lot like a pen that can be easily thrown in your toiletry kit or purse on the go, and the pointed precision tip is small enough to remove hair on the top and bottom of your brow line without taking off too much hair—and you don’t feel any pulling or pain when using it. To get the best results, I make sure to pull skin taut before moving the tool over any stray hairs in small, circular motions. Move slowly to ensure the smoothest hair removal; this is not a time to get loosey-goosey.

Plus, it only takes a couple minutes—no time to get distracted. If I want to go the extra mile after using the hair remover, I’ll comb all the eyebrow hair upwards and trim any tips that are extra long, guaranteeing I don’t need to touch my brows again for weeks. 

You can shop the electric brow hair remover here, and finally get your best brows yet. At home, no less.

No more over-plucking, haphazard trimming, or rowdy brows on your horizon. Get to buzzing!