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Drew Barrymore Uses This Eyeliner Trick Every Day for "Perky, Perky" Eyes

The queen of bright eyes and bushy tails has spoken.
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This story originally appeared on People.com.

It can sometimes be tough to get a sense of what a star's really like beyond the cameras, but that's definitely not the case for Drew Barrymore. Whether on her talk show or social media, Barrymore comes off as a lovely, human embodiment of the warm fuzzies—and while no one's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 24/7, Barrymore just revealed her secret for eternal perkiness. The inside tip? An eyeliner she developed herself. 

As the Flower Beauty founder explained on TikTok, "This one is my favorite. This is the Eye-Lighter. So what is important in eye-lighting, I find, is just to have a tiny hint of a flesh tone. A stark white looks a little bit like chalk, and not natural. So you'll see your water line is quite pink, actually, and I think this just has a little bit of that brightness. But it doesn't have the white, which I really, really love." 

The name "eye-lighting" is a new riff on highlighting, but the concept of applying a pale shade to your inner lash line is a classic makeup artist trick—and Eye-Lighter in hand, Barrymore demonstrated just how well it works. She added: "I have been using this now every day, I am obsessed with it. You let it relax, you give it a little blinky-blinky winky-winky, and before you know it, you're looking perky-perky. How great is that!" 

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For someone who made her TikTok debut just over two weeks ago, Barrymore's definitely got her audience hooked; the Eye-Lighter video so far has over 662,000 views and 63,400 likes, along with over 1,300 comments enthusing about the liner's effects. On Ulta, shoppers go so far as to call it "eye-enhancing magic," writing, "It goes on smoothly and lasts. Adding this really makes my eyes look brighter." 

Another reviewer goes in-depth: "I use it on my water line, the inner corner of my eye, and on my eyebrow bone. It blends easily on my eyebrow bone, and glides on my waterline. It also really complements any detailed eye looks on days I have the energy! I'm going to get another one soon for my mom." 

Shoppers on CVS's website are equally pleased, where one person writes that they'll "forever have this in [their] makeup collection, as well as a backup in the drawer," thanks to the gentle formula's non-irritating impact on their sensitive eyes. The liner withstands even up close-and-personal waterline placement, winning raves like "Best long-wearing eyeliner I've used in a long time," and "I can't say enough....this pencil is simply stunning! It goes on without any effort, no skipping and lasts all day without smudging. They better keep it, because I can't live without it now." 

Others appreciate that the formula isn't shimmery, but instantly makes their eyes look wide-awake and "glides on like butter." As one fan writes, "Allergies made your eyes red? This is the perfect product. I love how it makes my eyes look." 

Watch the eyeliner in action below, and try it for yourself via CVS.com or Ulta. "Perky-perky" eyes await.