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Gigi Hadid Only Buys Herself One Beauty Product, and It's This Luxurious Lip Balm

Now that’s a compliment.
Rachel Nussbaum
Jul 22, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
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If I were a mega-famous supermodel, I'd milk it for all the freebies a woman with 68.1 million followers can get. Smoothie mixes, hair growth vitamins, cat litter—whatever a company wanted to send for the chance to be featured on my breathlessly watched Instagram page, my assistant would humbly accept. With as much as they get for free, one has to assume that the products celebrities actually buy must be very, very good.  So when Gigi Hadid revealed the one beauty product she spends money on, I listened. 

The product in question? Chanel's luscious pout-in-a-tub. 

"Chanel Hydra Beauty is my all-time favorite lip moisturizer," Hadid previously told Byrdie. "I just love how thick it is. I love the smell. It's the one beauty thing that I spend money on." That's a serious compliment, considering Hadid's a Maybelline ambassador and assuredly has Baby Lips on tap, alongside her other favorites from Dr. Jart+, Odacité, and Charlotte Tilbury

According to the shopper reviews, it's not hard to see why. "Best lip balm I have used, and I have tried them all. Effective and stays on," writes one reviewer; another says the smoothing formula keeps their lips soft and supple, even through bitterly cold weather. Those results make sense, since the balm uses hydrators like meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, glycerin, camellia kissi oil, Japanese camellia flower extract, Camelina sativa oil, and vitamin E. 

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They're combined with two vegetable waxes, which soften and seal in moisture for the long-lasting effect that spurs raves. "This is the most nourishing lip treatment that I have found," writes one more shopper. "I've used it for several years and cannot be without it. I use it every night." Par for the course, given the celebrity and everyday fans that Chanel's skin line garners, and the moisture its lip products are known for. 

Based on the skin-friendly ingredients, I wouldn't be surprised if Hadid gets even more mileage out of the formula. As she told Vogue earlier this year, she's a fan of using balmy salves all over. "I dab it on where my skin feels dry, sometimes on the tip of my nose," Hadid said of Lano's strawberry lip balm. "I find that right where my eyebrows start gets really dry. I think that eyebrow products and pencils go on better."

Kind of genius, Hadid. Try her favorite lip balm for yourself and see what all the supermodel fuss is about.