The leopard set is from Lele Sadoughi, which makes some of Philipps' favorite face masks.

Renee Cherry
Jul 16, 2020 @ 4:15 pm
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If anyone's mastered the art of making a face mask look like an intentional part of their outfit, it's Busy Philipps. She's managed to pull off mixing patterns without clashing and wore an incredible gingham dress and face mask set. In her latest Instagram post, she showed off a new matching leopard print face mask and headband.

In the photo, Philipps is sporting the Lele Sadoughi Leopard Face Mask and Headband Bundle. She revealed in her caption that she's a big fan of the brand's face masks in general.

"Legit giving Cricket a bath rn but had to try on my new matching mask/headband from @lele_sadoughi !" she wrote. "Her masks are kinda my favs- they fit really well and don't make me feel claustrophobic and also you can put a filter in them (which I do) Anyway, not an ad- just thought it was cute! But also kinda IS an ad for WEARING YOUR DAMN MASKS PEOPLE."

The matchy-matchy aspect is cute, but as an added bonus, the headband is also designed to make long-term face mask wear more comfortable. It has two buttons on each side that the mask can attach to, preventing discomfort from wearing the loops around your ears. The mask's loops are also adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit whether you opt to anchor it to the headband or your ears.

Last month, Philipps wore a yellow embroidered face mask from the same brand, included in the Lele Sadoughi Set of 3 Pastel Face Masks. She posted a photo on Instagram and pointed out another major, underappreciated perk that comes with wearing face masks: "My mask today is from @lele_sadoughi and not only is it adorable, NOT ONE MAN TOLD ME TO SMILE IN PUBLIC TODAY," she wrote.

BTW, the brand makes a matching Yellow Daisy Eyelet Headband that's sold separately.

If you're inspired by Philipps' headband-face mask coordination, here's her exact set, plus a few other options to browse.

Lele Sadoughi Leopard Face Mask and Headband Bundle

Lele Sadoughi Face Mask Headband Set
Credit: Lele Sadoughi

Shop it! $35, Lele Sadoughi

Luxury Satin Designer Face Mask with Optional Matching Headband

Satin Face Mask Set
Credit: AnnaGuptaDesigns/Etsy

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Face Mask and Headband Set

Face Mask and Headband Set
Credit: ByHERRERA/Etsy

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Leopard Face Mask with Nose Wire

Leopard Face Mask Headband Set
Credit: OnGuardCrafts/Etsy

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Knot Headband and Face Mask

Knot Headband and Face Mask
Credit: LunaRoseHandmade/Etsy

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Altar'd State Paisley Headband and Flower Garden Face Mask Set

Altar'd State Face Mask and Headband
Credit: Altar'd State

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