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This Weighted Eye Mask Is a 'Must-Have' for Anyone With Migraines, Insomnia, and Dry Eyes

More than 10,000 Amazon shoppers have rated it five stars.
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When your head is pounding, sometimes it feels like your best option is to lie down somewhere dark, shut your eyes, and wait for the pain to subside. Headaches and migraines can threaten to ruin your day—but with the right treatment, you can minimize recovery time and get back to feeling like yourself. For some Amazon shoppers, Brownmed's Imak Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow ($14, amazon.com), is the tool that stops head and eye pain in its tracks.

The eye cover is made of breathable cotton fabric and filled with beads that give it just enough weight. Stitching over the eye area adds comfort and prevents it from exerting too much pressure on the eyes. The mask is also light-blocking, making it easier for wearers to sleep, even in the daytime, and it can be kept in the freezer so that it feels nice and cool to the touch whenever you reach for it.

With more than 10,000 five-star ratings, Brownmed's weighted eye mask is a favorite of Amazon shoppers, who say that it's "simply amazing" for pain relief. "The little beads inside allow it to contour to your face and add the smallest bit of weight to relieve eye pressure from a headache," said one customer

Another reviewer added that the mask is made from a soft and comfortable fabric, and the strap that helps secure it is thin, but stays put. The fact that it can be chilled in the freezer makes it even more soothing. "Talk about a sweet little treat for those nasty headaches or even if you just have some puffy eyes," they wrote.

IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow
Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Brownmed Imak Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow, $14, amazon.com

Brownmed's weighted eye mask isn't just beneficial for people with chronic headaches or migraines, either. One shopper purchased the eye pillow at the recommendation of their optometrist; since their eyes don't fully close naturally when they're asleep, they experience chronic dry eye. Since wearing the mask to sleep, they said that their eye problems have improved and they sleep much more soundly throughout the night. 

Similarly, another customer found that the relaxing weight of the pillow helped relieve their insomnia. How, you ask? Although there isn't much research into clinically proven benefits of weighted eye masks, they claim to provide gentle pressure that sends a signal to the brain to relax. Plus, blocking out sleep-disturbing light can also help with insomnia.

Some shoppers are so satisfied with the eye pillow that they've ordered more to give to family and friends. After all, with a price of just $14, this is one feel-good product that's worth sharing.