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These Astrologist-Recommended Sex Toys Will Get You to Climax Faster This Aries Season

Because when it comes to an Aries, it’s all about efficiency.
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This article originally appeared on by Summer Cartwright.

No, the first sign of spring isn't chirping birds and warm weather. The first sign of spring is Aries season, the passionate period roughly between March 21 and April 19. The archetypical Aries personality is fiery and impulsive, so it should come as no surprise that this month, in terms of sex, will be a steamy one. 

According to astrologer Maressa Brown, Aries is all about speed and efficiency in the bedroom. The thought is, if you're going to climax, it's got to be fast and it's got to be good. That kind of mentality should stay with you when you're looking for your new favorite sex toy this season, she tells InStyle

"People are going to be getting after what they want, being direct, being bold," she says of this month. "One thing about Aries is that as an impulsive fire sign—Aries love to pick fights for fun. We tend to be argumentative when the sun is in Aries. We could be more likely to clash with our partners, but then making up could lead to a really hot time."

According to Brown, the fire signs are go-getters who take action and move the ball forward however they can. This season is the time to try something out you've always wanted to, and to communicate this with your partner or crush. 

So basically, it's the time to test out pegging, she says. "Every sign is thought of as masculine or feminine, and Aries is very masculine," Brown explains. "This could allow you to flirt with being the more dominant one."

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Ella Paradis

Taking control into your own hands (BTW, if you're trying out anal play for the first time, follow this advice from a doctor) can be more literal, too. Trying out some handcuffs or restraints could make for an exciting addition to the bedroom. "It gives you a little bit of the fight dynamic without the actual fight," Brown says. 

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Ella Paradis

In terms of self-pleasure, thinking like an Aries means thinking more about you and your own needs, and less about how you can please someone else. "Aries will often think, 'Me first,'" Brown explains. "That's something a lot of us need."

How do we emulate this confident mentality? Finding a toy that will "get you to climax faster that you don't need to wait around and work for."

For solo use, Brown recommends two of Lelo's shining stars: The Sona 2 Cruise that has the Kardashian stamp of approval, or the luxury brand's newest model, the Sila. Each model uses sonic waves to stimulate the kind of eye-popping suction that comes with oral sex, and has a variety of pulsations to get the job done just how you like it. 

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Want less suction and more physical stimulation? A clit stimulator like the Zumio S will get the job done (and then some). Instead of vibrations, it uses a unique circular rotation that hones in on your clitoris for some seriously intense experience. 

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Ella Paradis

To get this quick and easy climax with a partner, Brown says a bullet vibrator is the accessory you need. It's compact enough to not get in the way of penetration, and versatile enough to use on either party. This Better Love model is "whisper quiet," comes with a whopping 10 vibration modes, and is completely waterproof. Plus, it's more than $150 off. 

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Ella Paradis

The main takeaway of Aries season is to give yourself permission to be more "dynamic and impulsive," Brown says. So, if you've got your eye on a new toy, new crush, or new position, now's the time to go for it. Call it spring fever.