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Amazon Launched a Storefront of Viral TikTok Products, from Butt-Lifting Leggings to Foot Peel Masks

With everything in one place, it’ll be hard not to buy them all.
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Yes, it's true: You can now shop your favorite TikTok products all in one place on Amazon. The retailer recently launched an Internet Famous storefront, and it's packed with various items that have gone viral on TikTok. Whether you're an avid user or not, you'll probably recognize some of the most popular items that have gained attention on the social media platform, like Seasum's butt-lifting leggings (even Lizzo bought a pair), those gross-but-satisfying foot peel masks, and a super-smart toaster that promises to make you the "perfect" toast every time.

Trendy fashion staples on Amazon—from leggings to "shackets"—are virtually always making rounds on the app. One of the most well-known styles are these flattering leggings, which TikTokers and Amazon shoppers alike love for the way they make their behinds look. The honeycomb-textured leggings feature a ruched design that accentuates your bum. Customers say they "hide all flaws" and give a "great lift"—even if you have a "pancake butt."


butt lifting leggings
Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Seasum High Waist Butt Lift Leggings, $16–$29.99, amazon.com

Monochrome activewear sets are also a hot ticket item on TikTok—especially if they're affordable and on Amazon. Shoppers particularly love this seamless and ribbed set from Olchee, which comes in popular colors like brown and lilac, and even split color varieties.

Olchee activewear set
Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Olchee Seamless High Waist Leggings and Sports Bra Set, $15.05–$33.99, amazon.com

Beauty products are always blowing up on TikTok, especially if they're particularly good at getting rid of dead skin, tightening pores, or giving you a radiant glow. It's no surprise that these foot peel masks went viral last year—in fact, they were so popular that they completely sold out at one point on Amazon. The Dermora foot peel masks have 16,000 five-star ratings from fans who call them "magical" for treating even the worst dry and cracked feet.

Dermora Foot Peel Mask
Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Dermora Foot Peel Mask, 2 Pack, $29.99, amazon.com

Neogen's Pore Tight Peeling Mousse made rounds on the internet for the shockingly effective way it pulls dirt out of pores. Customers say they can "immediately" see a difference in their skin after use. One person wrote: "Come the next morning, my face was G L O W I N G, super moisturized, and my pores were sizably smaller—even before my morning skincare routine." 

Neogen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse
Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Neogen Dermatology Pore Tight Peeling Mousse, $22.40, amazon.com

Last but certainly not least, "cleaning TikTok" has boomed over the last year. The hashtag #cleaning has no less than 9.7 billion views on the app thanks to a surge of creators who post videos showing how they clean their homes (along with the products they use to get rid of gnarly stains and grime). Dubbed the "little green machine," this multipurpose carpet cleaner from Bissell has made an appearance in tons of videos demonstrating the way it removes everything from coffee (that was spilled in a car four years ago) to couch stains

Bissell portable cleaner
Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, $199.37, amazon.com

In the same vein, this $10 all-purpose cleaning paste is so popular on the platform that it's become an Amazon best-seller. The Pink Stuff has 22,400 five-star ratings from users who say it's the only product that's been able to get out "years worth" of stains and even permanent marker mishaps. 

The Pink Stuff
Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Stardrops The Pink Stuff Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste, $9.88 (orig. $11.99), amazon.com