These synchronized swimming suits will have you dancing under the sea

We’ve been watching Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel all of last week in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, but racing is not the only swimming event in the Olympics. One of the most beautiful and impressive events is the Synchronized Swimming, and we are loving watching these incredible water dancers do their thing in the pool.


They are literally underwater for huge portions of their routine, and we are so impressed. But one of the things we love most are the fab swimsuits these athletes are rocking, and they are the most beautiful patterns and colors.

Deep red drama from Canada.


We love the sparkles and the pattern. The contrast of red and silver makes them look like some kind of ethereal dragons.

Abstract artsy from Ukraine.


These incredible interpretive suits are giving us serious Picasso vibes in the best way!

Beautiful rainbow pattern from Team USA.


These suits look just as incredible underwater as they do glinting in the sun. This swirling rainbow of colors is hard to look away from, and check out the strappy rhinestone back of the suit! To die for.

Going full, iridescent mermaid for Romania.


This incredible fish scale print makes her look like the most incredible mermaid, and we imagine that this is the kind of suit Ariel and her sisters would absolutely flip their fins for.

Totally rocking out with Switzerland.


These Swiss ladies are giving us some serious head-banging, rock’n’roll vibe in their fiery suits with the electric guitar detail.

A beautiful garden of flowers from Ukraine.


These beautifully detailed flowers look like springtime in a swimsuit, and it makes us want to dance through a field in a story book.

A firework of color from Belarus.


This suit is a celebration of color that looks like a literal blast.

Bare bones with Greece.


These suits are like something out of a beautiful nightmare. These sparkly skeletons are absolutely killing us they’re so much fun!

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