Sylvester Stallone’s daughters once stole Liam Hemsworth’s number from their dad’s phone

If you had a famous parent, the odds you might scroll through their phone to see whose numbers they had would be pretty high, right? Obviously. Well we just heard that Sylvester Stallone’s daughters stole Liam Hemsworth’s number from their dad’s phone, and we have two words: GO GIRLS!

They admitted to this sneaky incident in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, after sharing how their childhood was really regular and the most famous number in their phones is their father’s.

"When I was little I used to go through my dad's phone and take numbers, Sistine admits in the interview. "Like Liam Hemsworth. I called him. He never answered."

LOL! What we wouldn’t do to get Liam Hemsworth on the phone.

via giphyWhile they didn’t get to chat up Hemsworth on the phone, Sophia — who is a sophomore at USC — shared that she got “really bubbly” when she met Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes. Um yeah, that sounds about right. This face can cause all kinds of weird bodily reactions!

via giphyAnd Sistine — who is a senior in high school and a model with IMG — recalled meeting Leonardo DiCaprio (and how he remembered meeting her…awww! He’s just the best). It’s official: having famous parents has its perks.

Also, side note, we love how down-to-earth and normal the Stallone sisters all seem. The youngest, Scarlett, “fainted a little” when she congratulated Ryan Gosling at the Golden Globes, and again, totally understandable! She’s in eighth grade and apparently the most outgoing of the three. Her sisters think she could captain her own talk show or be a comedian, so we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

And maybe one day the Stallone girls will get to meet Liam Hemsworth. It’s in the realm of possibility!