Sydney just threw one of their largest ever LGBT equality rallies

When asked whether they supported marriage equality in Australia, Sydney said, “Yes!” Over the weekend, more than 20,000 people joined together to rally for same-sex marriage in the country’s New South Wales capital. They gathered to show their support of altering Australia’s Marriage Act to include unions between LBGTIA individuals. While the US legalized same-sex marriage back in 2015, and Germany legalized it in June, Australia is still fighting it.

The rainbow-painted gathering – which some news sites are claiming is the largest gay rights rally EVER in Australia’s history! – came just ahead of a non-binding, mailed-in vote circulated by Australia’s government to gauge the love Down Under for… well, love.

While we won’t know how Australia will vote for another two or three months, if Sunday’s heartwarming display of affection for marriage equality is any indication, Australians are hella engaged and in it for the long haul. false

Organized by Australia’s Just Equal campaign together with pro-LGBTQIA organizations like Equal Marriage Rights Australia, PFLAG Australia, Sydney Pride Festival, and Trans Sydney Pride, the rally started in Sydney’s Town Hall, immediately following the High Court’s decision to move forward with the postal plebiscite. LGBTQIA rights supporters celebrated the victory by flooding Sydney’s streets decked out in rainbow wear, waving Gay Pride flags and carrying brightly colored placards.

Our hearts are swelling at seeing Sydney supporters take to the streets.

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There is one hitch, though. Unfortunately, the results of the survey will not have the power to legalize gay marriage in Australia. Yet. But if the majority of Australians say yes to changing the country’s current law to include all couples in holy matrimony, the vote could pressure Parliament to take the plunge and make the dream of marriage equality in the country a reality. #lovewins

Feeling the love, Australian Parliament’s current Labour Party leader and longtime supporter of marriage equality Bill Shorten addressed the crowd and expressed his commitment to marriage equality for all.

“We’ve got one last mountain to climb before we make marriage equality a reality,” said Shorten. “Let’s climb it together, today.”

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