Switzerland may be getting an oral sex cafe and yeah, it’s just as weird as it sounds

Many people enjoy a blueberry scone with their coffee, or maybe a pain au chocolat if you’re really in the mood for a treat. But if you prefer to pair your morning java with anonymous oral sex, well, there may be a coffee shop in Switzerland for you!

If all goes according to plan, a businessman in Geneva is set to open a “fellatio cafe”. As The Local reports, for the price of 60 Swiss francs customers will receive a latte macchiato and oral pleasure from the sex worker of their choice. The customer then sits at the counter and sips their coffee while receiving fellatio.

Sex work is legal in Switzerland, but the oral sex cafe idea is not exactly receiving a warm welcome. Critics are worried that the male-owned cafe would basically be a form of legalized pimping, in which the men behind the scenes, rather than the female sex workers, reap the majority of the benefits and monetary gain. The city of Geneva is currently deciding whether to allow the business to move forward.

No word on whether the oral sex cafe plans to serve pain au chocolat.

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