You can soon swipe on Tinder from your desktop, because why be productive?

For those of you who love multitasking, you’re going to be big fans of this method of Tinder-ing. The dating app that revolutionized how your thumb could help you find true love, is testing out a new web-based platform for its Tinder technology. And, TBH, it sounds pretty awesome.

Select countries will get the opportunity to test out Tinder on their desktop.

It’s not yet available in the USA. But, according to Mashable, it soon will be. If the web-based platform goes smoothly, the company plans to roll out the desktop option globally. So you can soon surf for love while you’re also surfing the web.

The new desktop Tinder users can expect some tweaks from the original app service. Obviously, the famous “swipe” isn’t exactly possible on a traditional desktop computer. But Tinder plans on retaining that same idea.

In fact, you’ll be able to use keyboard shortcuts to swipe right or left.

And that could save you from some serious swiping soreness.

Users of the new web application will also be able to access Tinder from any device, anywhere. So you no longer have that trusted “dead battery” excuse about why you’re not available.

Plus, users can also look at another user’s profile while chatting with their matches, instead of having to flip back and forth. The dating app will still link up to user’s Facebook profiles. And they’re hoping that by rolling the new version out slowly, they’ll be able to tweak along the way. So hopefully by the time it arrives in the states, it’ll be very user-friendly.

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