Swimming pool runs away from kids. Bends our brains.

While two kids played underneath an upside down inflatable swimming pool in their back yard, the family’s adorable black lab jumped in to save their lives. Technically, they didn’t need saving, but the dog didn’t know that. Or maybe the dog did know and he was just trying to have the pool all to himself, or maybe he was was just totally done with summer and was ready to put the pool in storage. Either way, it’s so ridiculously cute.

After hearing the kids’ laughter (which maybe sounded like fits of terror to the pup), the lab ducked underneath the pool with the kids and was able to bravely pull the pool off of them. He ran the pool to safety, but not before hilariously bumping into a tree.

Whether he was trying to be super brave and save their lives or get in on the fun, it doesn’t really matter. Because a run away pool happened.


(Featured image via YouTube)

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