OMG: This swimming dog looks like the ~cutest~ T-rex

Watching dogs do pretty much *anything* is a top-notch experience (especially if said dog is incredibly good-looking). But for some reason, pups having a blast in the pool or the ocean are especially adorable. All that paddling and splashing combined with that enthusiasm only a dog can show? Yeah, nothing better. That’s probably why one swimming dog in the pool is making the Internet totally freak out — mainly, because he looks like a different species entirely.

Twitter account WeRateDogs posted a screenshot of a Snapchat submitted by Michelle Liu Cee featuring the athletic pup paddling in the water. The photo was taken at the *perfect* time, with the yellow lab’s front paws curled up in front and the water distorting the back paws so that they look massive. The result? The cutest T-rex the world has EVER SEEN. And naturally, the person who took the picture couldn’t resist taking advantage of this punny situation. “Doggosaurus [r]ex,” they captioned the Snap. false

The image has also went viral on Imgur, where it’s been viewed over 75,000 times, with various Imgurians doing what they do best: coming up with dog puns. “Borkasaurus,” commented one. “Labrodaurus rex,” commented another. Laaawlz.

Okay, so dinosaurs may be extinct, but dogosaurs clearly are here to stay — and we’re totally for that brand of cuteness, TBH.

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