How Taylor Swift’s cat and Kendall Jenner’s hair won Instagram in 2015

2015 is quickly coming to a clothes (29 days left, y’all, make ’em count) and we’re just getting into our year-end tallies. Most popular baby names. Goodreads put together of the best reads of 2015. And the BBC just came out with a list of this year’s most popular Instagrams — and it’s basically going to come as a surprise to no one that the Jenner sisters and Taylor Swift, Instagram’s reigning coterie of social media aristocracy, took the bulk of the top ten slots.

Kendall scored the number 1 slot with her now legendary heart hair post, earning herself 3.2 million likes:

Taylor Swift nabbed the number two and three slots with her “apology flowers” from Kanye and her cool, cool summer piggyback ride from Calvin Harris, ranking in with 2.6 million and 2.5 million likes respectively.

And Kylie nabbed the #4 slot with her high school graduation pic, with 2.3 million likes:

Taylor Swift also grabbed #6,#8, and #9 slots with pics of Swift and her cat Meredith*…

….and Kendall grabbed #10 with a well-played selfie thanking her fans for getting her to 20 million followers.

If you just did the math and said “Wait a second, what about #5 and #7, good eye, Encyclopedia Brown, and yes, #5 went to Beyonce and Blue Ivy wearing matching winter whites…

… and #7 went to Selena Gomez for sporting a super-duper comfy-looking sweater.

So what can we learn from these top tens? Famous ladies rule supreme on Instagram (10 for 10!), the people love Taylor Swift (and they LOVE Swift and her cats), big life moments for the Jenner sisters do well, as do Beyonce and Blue and Selena Gomez giving us #comfygoals.

Cool, we’ve totally got the Internet figured out just as 2015 is coming to a close, we did it guys, happy almost New Year!

(Images via Instagram)

*Don’t worry Olivia Benson, we’re sure you’ll crack the top 10 next year.