This is the sweetest engagement proposal in the history of proposals

There’s an engagement video that’s gone bonkers viral, and it’s almost physically impossible to watch the entire thing without getting glossy eyes.  So, not to put all romantic partners to shame or anything, but this video stars one of the most adamant, determined, so-in-love people we’ve ever witnessed. Instead of getting down on one knee at Cheesecake Factory (which is totally cool, too), Dean Smith decided he would do something way, way different. Something a little crazy, long-lasting, and truly expressive of his love for his girlfriend, Jennifer Kessel. So he filmed himself proposing to her for an entire year. That’s 365 proposals, and YES it appears that he filmed even when he was sick or really busy. Major props, Dean.

For a year, Dean held up signs that ask Jennifer to “Make [him] the happiest man in the world,” and tell her how much he loves her. This continued up until their family vacation in Aruba, where he finally proposed to her in real life. Obviously, she was down with his proposal.

Watch the whole thing happen right here. You might want some tissues.

Images via YouTube

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