Pass the pinot, because the “Sweetbitter” trailer is here

The latest book-turned-TV adaptation is here, and we are so ready for it. Starz just released a trailer for Sweetbitter, a series based on one of our favorite books about New York City. And it looks so delicious.

Sweetbitter is much more than a beach read (although, it’s great for that too!). It tells the story of Tess, a naive young woman who moves to NYC and gets a job as a server in a restaurant. (The fancy one in the book is based on Union Square Cafe, where author Stephanie Danler actually once worked). The book is a poetic ode to the main character’s love affair with the city and the loss of her innocence.

Tess’s relationships also form a major part of the plot. There’s Simone, a sophisticated, seasoned waitress that serves as a hot/cold mentor to Tess. And Jake, a cute bartender with a devil-may-care attitude with whom Tess has a torrid love affair. So surely, that’ll all factor into the TV show somehow. If you’ve read the book, you can pretty easily identify who’s who in the trailer.

In the small-screen Sweetbitter adaptation, Ella Purnell (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) plays Tess, Caitlin Fitzgerald (Masters of Sex) plays Simone, and Tom Sturridge (The Hollow Crown) plays Jake. The trailer contains a few hot makeout scenes, which leads us to believe that there’s a lot more where that came from. We’re not complaining.

Catch all the vino and sex in the Sweetbitter trailer ahead, and then try and tell us you aren’t SO ready to binge this series now.

The Sweetbitter series will premiere on Starz on May 6th. We’ll be marking that day off on our calendar — and stocking up on some good wine to pair it with!

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