Our sweet tooth is singing for these Selena cookies

Our love for Selena runs deep. Like, really deep. Whether we’re channeling the Queen of Tejano music by wearing our finest bustiers or by simply rewatching Selena for the hundredth time, we are loyal. Selena Quintanilla’s spirit will always live on, and we plan on honoring her forever. The latest way we can channel the icon’s spirit? By buying cookies that are just as sweet as she is.

California’s Horchateria Rio Luna is serving Selena cookies, so we can get our sweet tooth on as we reminisce about anything and everything Selena.

In an Instagram post, the bakery announced the cookies. For $4.50 each, these are little, delicious, and affordable works of art. You can snag one of Selena and a rose, “Selena” in cursive, a microphone, a rose, or one of Selena’s most iconic outfits: a busticaca or her purple jumpsuit.

In the post, Horchateria Rio Luna says,

"These cookies will make your ❤️ go 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.'"

Honestly, these sweet treats are already making our hearts palpitate just a bit.

Even if cookies aren’t your thing, we have a feeling this bakery will satisfy your cravings. Want a concha ice cream sandwich? How about a churro sundae? Good thing Horchateria Rio Luna has all of this and more.

Honestly, we want one of each, and then we’ll top it all off with a Selena cookie (or five) — while we watch Selena, of course.

We know Selena would approve of our sweet tooth.