This sweet duck helping a grieving dog is making us feel all the feels

Jacquie Litton, a dog-owner in Knoxville, noticed that her dog George was having a pretty tough time after losing his best friend of 12 years, a Labrador named “Blackie.” She wrote on her Facebook page that George had anxiety and almost died twice in the two years since his friend passed away.

Then, one day, a sweet duck showed up. This duck decided to keep George company and his world was changed forever.

Litton didn’t think much of the duck at first, until she realized the duck wouldn’t leave George’s side.

It didn’t take long before George’s spirits started perking up thanks to the company of his new feathery friend.

Once she realized the duck had basically become George’s new best friend and that it was definitely making him happier, she figured he might as well join him in the kennel.

The two have become total cuddle buddies and refuse to leave each other’s side, which totally makes us melt to the floor in sweet happiness.

When they’re not cuddling, they enjoy patrolling the grounds together making sure everything is in order.

Their caring relationship is basically the definition of #FriendshipGoals and we are delighted they’ve found some comfort and joy in each other.

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