Sweet Brown Got Time For Her 15 Minutes

Ain’t nobody got time to squander their 15 minutes of fame! And Sweet Brown is workin’ those minutes OUT, y’all. YouTube stars are a dime a dozen, but Sweet Brown (which is, by the way, her given name) “didn’t grab no shoes or nothin’, Jesus,” before she started milking the media machine.

Brown did an interview with renowned rap radio station Hot 97 in December, wherein she confessed her plans for short-lived world domination. And I said, “Oh Lord Jesus, she’s being properly represented.”

Before she became a meme, Sweet Brown maintained a normal life in Oklahoma: Taking her grandkids to/from school, babysitting and curing bronchitis with cold pop. She also knows “karate and ka-craz-us,” in case you were thinking about crossing her.

But since last year, Brown has starred in a commercial for her hometown dentist, had a bit part in a Will.I.Am video, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel andhas plans to be the co-host of the recently revived Cheaters. (She will be joined by Clark Gable Jr., BTW. Yes. The son of that Clark Gable). Oh. Then Tyler Perry tapped her for the big-screen adaptation of his play, “A Madea Christmas.”

So get that money, girlfriend. Because you might not have necessarily earned it the night you confused an apartment fire for a bbq, but you’re earning it now for sure. Then maybe one day you can pay someone else to bring you cold pop in the middle of the night.

Featured image via PraiseCleveland

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