Sweet Briar College is closing — but here are 10 other women’s colleges you can still get accepted to

We have some sad news report: It was announced today that Sweet Briar College is closing after 114 years. Doors will close on August 25, 2015 due to “insurmountable financial challenges.” If you’re not familiar with the school, it’s a liberal arts women’s college in Sweet Briar, Virginia known for being the second women’s college to offer an engineering degree.

No two ways about it, this is sad, and it sucks.  BUT, the silver lining is that the school is making every effort to help faculty and students find a new home. We’re here to help, too. Whether you’re a Sweet Briar alum or still in high school and looking for a women’s college to call home after you graduate, here’s a list of 10 great women’s colleges where you can still totally be accepted.

Saint Mary’s College – Notre Dame, IN
If you’re a social butterfly or like traveling abroad Saint Mary‘s has got your back. It is the sister school to Notre Dame which allows students have more social networking and about half of the SMC student population participates in study abroad programs and internships.

Sarah Lawrence College – Yonkers, NY
Sarah Lawrence has some pretty great athletes and will compete as a full member of Division III in the 2015-16 academic year. They’re also great when it comes to one-on-one-time with student-faculty tutorials.

Salem College – Winston-Salem, NC
Salem College is one of the oldest women’s college in the United States. This school is also very reasonable when it comes to tuition, Money Magazine has named Salem as one of the most affordable liberal arts colleges for seven years running.

Mills College – Oakland, CA
If being highly ranked and having award winning alumni is on your lists of “must haves”  Mills College can deliver, they’re ranked sixth among colleges and universities in the West by U.S. News & World Report, and have accomplished alumni such as Pia Lindstrom, an Emmy-award winning journalist.

Simmons College – Boston, MA
This is a great school for muti-taskers, as it allows students the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously, and all in four years, through Simmons’ integrated programs.

Bryn Mawr – Bryn Mawr, PA
Talk about alumni prestige! If you want your school to have influential alumnae like actress Katharine Hepburn and Nobel Peace Prize winner Emily Balch, Bryn Mawr is probably the school for you.

Spelman College – Atlanta, GA

Is there a doctor in the Spelman College house? Yeah there are several actually. The National Science Foundation recognizes Spelman as one of the top schools graduating black women who pursue doctoral degrees in the sciences.

College of Saint Benedict – St. Joseph, MN
If you’re a philanthropist looking to be among the best of the best, consider College of Saint Benedict. The Peace Corps has recognized CSB for its high rate of volunteerism among graduates.

Mount Holyoke College – South Hadley, MA
We’ll just leave this fact here for you: The poet Emily Dickinson attended this institution while it was known as Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.

10.) Converse College – Spartanburg, SC

What’s that you say? You’re looking for a college with Supreme Court Justice and Pulitzer Prize winner alumni? You got it. Converse College has you covered.