This pizza will forever change the way you think about pizza

Just when you thought pizza had gone and done the craziest thing it’ll ever do, pizza raises the bar yet again. So what’s the latest pizza feat? No, not hot-dogs in the crust — that was so, like, two weeks ago. Behold, the latest in pizza extremism: the Vulkan.

No, it’s actually not a Star Trek reference. The pizza comes to us from Nya Gul & Bla pizzeria in Sweden, where the word vulkan actually translates to volcano. The pizza is literally erupting out of its dough, and is jam-packed with a crazy amount of toppings.

The pizza wasn’t created out of boredom or pizza-insanity, but rather for customers who wanted to add multiple toppings to their pizzas, without them intermixing. That’s why the pizza has “pockets.” And yes, in the middle of this volcano is a heaping pile of french fries, and a small salad. This pizza is basically an all-in-one meal, but whether you choose to share it with friends is totally up to you.

To feast on the vulkan, you do have to travel to the Nya Gul & Bla pizzeria, which is located in northern Sweden, in Pitea. Downside, the airfare and travel expenses will set you back like, $800+. But on the upside, the pizza itself only costs $15! Please bring this a little bit closer to home. So your move, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Little Caesars’s Papa John’s, and Sbarro. Is it vulkan time in America?

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[Image via Nya Gul & Bla pizzeria and Shutterstock]