Swedish Hasbeens are the perfect shoe to transition to any season, especially now with those holiday parties coming up

The clogs of our youth may evoke memories of clunky, out-of-date, uncomfortable shoes that weigh you down like anchors. Oh, the terror! Not anymore, dearies! These days, clogs are the ideal shoe to hit the town in. In particular, Swedish Hasbeens have become the gold standard for all clog-style brands, because they turn out beautiful, handmade shoes that are comfortable and made of insanely great quality. Even celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Williams can’t resist the pull of Hasbeens!

You know when you invest in some Swedish Hasbeens that you’re going to be getting a shoe that will last you for many, many years to come. Not only are they crazy stylish with an abundant array of designs to pick from, but they’re way more versatile than you might think!

You may think that they’re only appropriate for the spring and summer, but with the perfect pair of socks or tights, there’s nothing cuter for a traipsing around town!

And don’t be intimidated by the wooden sole. Through the magic of impeccable Swedish construction, these shoes actually feel lighter than your average chunky heel, and the leather is so soft and wonderful that it only takes a couple wears for them to perfectly conform to your feet. We can’t overstate how surprisingly comfortable these shoes are! You’ll be shocked at how long you’ll be able to walk around without the familiar twinge of pain that most heels produce after a few hours of walking around.

It can feel intimidating to keep up with caring for such a beautiful shoe, but the Swedish Hasbeens site carefully outlines how easy it is to clean, waterproof, and care for both the leather and wood parts of your shoe.

And it’s not just sandal-type clogs that are available, their new line of Shearling Boots will keep your tootsies warm without sacrificing style or quality!

They’ve also got ankle boot styles and lace-ups, in case that’s more your thing!

There really is something for everyone!

They even came out with a vintage-inspired denim line earlier this year that blew our minds.

These versatile shoes will look adorable with a dress and tights or your favorite jeans and a cozy, chunky sweater. There’s no reason that they should be relegated to the back of your closet during the cold months! Let them be free! All they need is a little TLC and they’ll be the most loyal shoe in your arsenal. And who doesn’t love a shoe that is stylish, comfortable. and adds a few inches to our heights? (Well, that may only matter to some of us shorties!)

Check out the selection for yourself, here. No harm in adding them to your wishlist, don’t you think?

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