Tove Lo explains how Swedish feminists are different than Americans and we’re a little surprised

Tove Lo is a feminist, but her own kind of feminist, and we are totally on board with her.

In an interview with New York Magazine, the Swedish singer opened up about a lot of different topics, one of which was the difference between feminism in America and in Sweden. The 28-year-old singer has always marched to the beat of her own drum and her views on life, drugs and music are uniquely hers.

After talking about her initial rise to fame back in 2014, Lo explained that she did kind of fall off the face of the earth when her vocal chords had a cyst on them and she needed surgery and a two-year recovery process.

Now she's back and better than ever with a new album called Lady Wood, which is definitely a powerful stance on sexuality and what we'd consider a feminist take on life.

“It’s about reclaiming the female hard-on,” Lo told New York Magazine about her new music. She further explained her audience and the people her music is geared towards as a similar group who would be fans of Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham, who she is also a fan of.

"Girls who have a lot of emotions and maybe tend to be too impulsive sometimes," she explained. "Normal girls with normal problems who are trying to figure out what’s right for them," she added.

"For me it's always been a very sure thing that I am a feminist," Lo continued. "In Sweden, we have a ways to go, but it’s almost shameful to say you’re not [a feminist]."

There is however a difference between Sweden’s take on feminism, which is more open and obvious, while in America Lo thinks it’s more shocking to talk about.

"But here it seems like a very loaded thing to say," she admitted. "Like in interviews, they say [drops her voice to a serious register]: 'Would you say that you are a feminist?' And I’m like, 'Yeah.' And they're like, 'Ohhh.' So, I guess I'm just going to scream it from the rooftops now."

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